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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Here comes the Summer Sun...

It's got to that time of year, your alarm goes off. You crawl out of bed, draw back the curtains and instantly your previously gloomy spirit is changed just by the flash of a brilliant blue sky and golden glowing sun. Truly is one of my most favourite things to wake up to. 

Summer to me has a few signifiers that will always be the same.. Sun, occasionally Sea, Pina Colada's, Tan lines and music playing with the roof down. There isn't much of a better feeling after a long hard day of sitting in the sun, working on your tan, when you suddenly realise you've over done it once again, not enough sun cream and you've got pink bits! Then you start to worry about what you can wear that won't rub or sting like a bugger. And thats when the magic happens.. You think up to your new bursting wardrobe full of summer dresses! Which wouldn't be there if you had been sensible and compromised to buy sun cream. All in all. Winner.

So far, River Island have topped the deck for me, although it only March, I love some of the bits they have in, and after sitting in the sun for a while and got some lines already, I'm thinking, I need to start this bursting wardrobe, PRONTO! 

Perfect light weight little number, I stopped several times in my local River Island the other day and "um'd and ar'ed" over this little number. It's ideal for covering up but still keeping cool. Nice little pattern and embellishments just to keep it a little fun. I realllllly want this little number. So simple. 
We still need a going out dress!!!! This cannot be forgotten. It's a little dark for my liking with the warmer days and nights approaching but if your in need of a more sophisticated summer outfit, I think this may be your friend. Fun yet Grown up. 
Lunch time at the pub? I think so. No need for a bra, result and doesnt compromise having to stop tanning, all you need is a beer garden and someone with a wallet.. preferably with cash! Loving the detailing on the top, and still keeping with the drop back skirt. It looks SO soft. 
This reminds me of when I was little on holiday in Greece, I had a obsession with tasselled beach dresses, with something like 'wild child' printed on the front. I never managed to find it again, ebay let me down. But this, a more grown up refined version, which I very much would like. 
Again, a little less play and a little more work, this lighter and brighten dress is simple yet structured and another that wouldnt let me go when I was in store. Not too sure about the blocks of dark print, think it should have been constructed differently but still. Love itttt.

So lets get shopping and embrace our sun burn!!!

Summer's a-coming!

B x

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