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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Second Uni Photoshoot

Today I had my second photo shoot for my current Imaging and Styling unit at University. This one was based working with a 3rd Year Fashion Design student, and to capture their final collection (what was made so far).

Designer: Bleu Pearce
Hair & Makeup: Emma Dowdell
Photographer: Myself
Model: Carina Da Luz

To begin I met Bleu, my designer two weeks ago. We discussed her concept for her collection and it is based around Moroccan influences with a 1950's silhouette, I saw her designs and materials that she was using and then returned the following week to see what she had made so far. Straight away I had idea's of wanting to have a warmth to the shoot and focused on the idea of a bedouin tent concept, but basic. 

To do this, I sourced two types of Organza, in burnt orange and a yellow/gold tone too. I also got a brown/gold two tone taffeta and bought a umbrella prop from River Island. It all came round so quickly but I think the day went really well. Amazing make up done by my sister, with the base of 50's eyeliner flick and red lips but with a fashion twist to keep it modern and up to speed with the concept of the shoot itself. 

I created a backdrop using a adjustable structure and hung the material over the pole and pined into place, as well as experimenting with orange gel's to give warmth to the pictures. Carina was excellent after me chasing her down in College out of no-where, and Bleu even came and supported us and her collection, which she managed to turn out two outfits in time for the allocated shoot time. 

I'm slowly experimenting more and more each time, manual setting and manual focus, lighting, and even with the gels. And I shall continue to develop each time.

Here's some of the photo's, I hope you like them!! 

Thanks guys,

Makeup & Hair

lighting test
 Outfit 1:

 Outfit 2;

B x

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