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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


With the sun ever so slightly burning through the Southern haze on the coast, I've turned my interest to the patterns that I'm loving and wanting for turning my Summer wardrobe out.

Lets face it, every guy or girl needs some newbies to their collections, and well, Summer is the perfect excuse to do this.. and BST begins next weekend! Bonus. I honestly can find any excuse to buy something new. Now I just need to be able to find the money! Just a minor problem after all...

First up, Missguided..

These shorts have done a few Summers now, I remember originally seeing them in Topshop, 2 Summers ago. But I never did buy them, so I may be a little late but hell, I still want them! I think thats far enough from a impulse buy for sure..

Coralyn USA Denim shorts

Next, the funky Baroque print that really is everywhere,
Love these leggings, good for the Autumn to Spring then swiftly into the Summer transition. Bringing some boldness to your wardrobe, my wardrobe. Probably not the most flattering print for everyone, but, I love a bit of craziness.

Baldina High Waisted Baroque Print Leggings
£12.99 (for that their worth it just for some fun)

Now, River Island..

There's not a Summer without some Hibiscus flowers creeping into the wardrobes. River Island has hit the nail on the head once again and brought us these bold and brass slim leg trousers. Such a great pair for a Summer evening with some Killer heels and a simple yet complementing bold top.

Black Floral Print Slim Leg Trousers

Similar to that of the Missguided print, this saucy little number has a similarity to that of Indian henna design. I do love these though, the pint is beautiful for day or night, not just yet, but certainly over the next few weeks.

Pink Scarf Print Leggings

There are so many more out there, these are just a few of my favourites. Yet the list goes on and so does my wish list. It isn't just the pants either, its spreading, tops, shoes, the lot. Its print heaven this season. So go Shoppinnnnng and make the most of being crazy and let loose!

Enjoy :)

B x

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  1. Baldina High Waisted Baroque Print Leggings! Only £12.99 what the hell!!!